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Flowing Lava

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Pele’s Beauty, the pahoehoe process

Our Pahoehoe Pots are not just stamped concrete. Our impressions are painstakingly extracted from the most beautiful and unusual patterns of pahoehoe lava found on the Big Island of Hawaii. Custom molds are made for each piece and the result is an exact reproduction of Madame Pele’s finest sculptures.

Our Pots and Planters, like all of our products, are high strength, cement based, fiber reinforced concrete in designs. Patterns and textures are chosen from wide selection of lava flows. Colors are applied to match existing surroundings, Size, shape, thickness, color and texture are made to architect’s specifications. By capturing intriguing details, we make every Pahoehoe Pots an original piece of art.

Creating the mold

Through respecting the land, not robbing it, we reproduce the rare lava of Hawaii. Our mission is to share with others some of the most beautiful lava in the world.